We offer a full range of Volant CRT tools from 41/2″- 9 5/8″.

The Volant® CRT is designed for top drive equipped rigs and its compact design is compatible with most rig configurations and sizes. The completely mechanical design simplifies operations to minimize downtime. Its operation and rig-in remains instinctively simple: a dual release safety mechanism combining weight and reverse rotation, is necessary for the CRT to be released from the casing. The ability to rotate, circulate, and reciprocate your casing instantly, reduces the probability of stuck casing in the most challenging hole conditions. This system is designed to be operated ″unmanned″ meaning only the driller is needed for the tool's operation, there for reducing the amount of people required to run casing and intern reducing injuries. Please Find Below our selection of CRT tools:

Tool Model Rated Load Capacity Casing Size
Max. Hoist Max. Torque
CRTi2-4.5 120 ton 13,000 ft.lbs 4.5″ to 5.5″
CRTi2-5.5 200 ton 25,000 ft.lbs 5.5″ to 13.38″
CRTi3-7.0 320 ton 50,000 ft.lbs 7.0″ to 20.0″

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